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progress report

Will be spending tomorrow at home, waiting for a technician who is supposed to arrive "between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm." Ummm, thanks. For this, they charge me large sums of money?

I am hoping to get some writing done in the morning, at least. Watch the tech show up right when I get into a good writing groove.

Second WisCon roomie cancelled, but the opportunity for a replacement popped up two emails later, so maybe that will work out.

593 words last night, every one squeezed out, and after two hours I just couldn't take it any more. It was all description that I made up on the spot, and transition. Felt like boring crap, but lay awake this morning and figured out a way to make it more interesting, hopefully. I hate transition bits. The important bit of that scene is next up. That should flow more easily.

Rehearsal tonight, after last week off. Hope it's not too rocky. I should probably listen to some Bach today and get back into it.

Do I sound dull today? I feel dull.
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