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spring cleaning

I seem to be in a flurry of spring cleaning, organizing, basically clearing the decks so when I go back to writing every night, fewer things will nag at me to be Done.

This morning I mailed off my taxes and some associated paperwork, thanks to my tax preparer, so that's done.

Last night I abused my thumbs by putting together a craptastic particle-board cabinet for my towels and assorted other things. I bought the cabinet on sale, and only after lugging it home and up my three flights of stairs did I discover that one side was already slightly cracked, and it had no instructions. I called and had the instructions emailed to me; as for the crack, I slapped on some tape. Hah! It is not the sturdiest piece of furniture in the world, but it sure did get rid of a lot of clutter.

I asked for people's opinions on elves at the pro blog.

And I've started reading Miss Pym Disposes. The weekend will be writing and Easter With the Tots. Last night, I dreamt that The Maw, just past her first birthday, suddenly began speaking clearly in full sentences.
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