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NYC bookloot

I'm back from NYC, and yes, I did go to the crack den for readers Strand. I waited until right before I left, so I didn't have to tote the books around for quite so long.

I acquired:

--a dictionary of French idiom.
--British Battles of World War I, 1914-15, which is a collection of military dispatches I really could have used about six months ago.
--The Great War in Africa by G. Farwell, the first book on that topic I've found that I could afford. I hope it's as useful as it looks. Not that I am writing about WWI now. But still!
--Great Tales of Jewish Fantasy and the Occult: The Dybbuk and Thirty Other Classic Stories for six dollars! I'm trying to build my small mythology/folk tale collection.
--Exploration of Africa from the Abrams Discoveries series--it's a little, shiny, beautifully illustrated overview of the various European explorers who visited Africa. It fits in well with some of the research I did, long ago, into the history of anthropology when I was in grad school.
--Dictionary of African Historical Biography, which looks immeasurably valuable in looking up people who are mentioned in passing in other histories and commentaries and finding out where I can get more information on them. I pounced on this with glee.

My friend K. introduced me to Muji, a Japanese store that sold Many Tiny Things. I managed to resist the cylinder full of tiny colored pencils (but it hurt!) and bought a couple of cheap, lightweight card cases, which I will probably decorate with stickers. I also bought some small, sleek three-tined forks and slender teaspoons, to use as serving utensils for cut fruit, sauces, etc..

I saw friends at my NYRSF reading, spent the night at the home of one of them, and the next day met up with coffeeandink and geekturnedvamp for Vietnamese food, which made me wish I was in NYC more often. Ah, well. WisCon will be here soon.
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