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I think I made good progress on the proposal this weekend; it feels weird to be polishing and adding layers into a couple of chapters without continuing, but I didn't want to submit rought draft, either.

Blogged about opening sentences of novels. For this week, I wrote my blog posts ahead of time, since I'll be out of town for a few days.

Reading the new Nalini Singh book, Angel's Blood, first in a new series. In the first chapter, I felt it was a bit heavy on the worldbuilding for what the story needed, which happens a lot in paranormals that are meant to become series. I am overly picky about this issue, so I imagine not everyone will notice or care. After the first chapter it didn't feel so guidebook-y to me. I am enjoying the book now that I've gotten into it, and really like that Singh's characters have a wide variety of racial backgrounds.

The setup is that there are psychically powerful winged beings, called archangels, who semi-formally control the world. There are regular angels as well, who don't seem to have the psychic powers, or not as much. The archangels can create vampires in exchange for the vampires serving them for a century, and if the vampires run off, a hunter like the protagonist, Elena, fetches them back. The angels and vampires are not of divine origin in this setup, and I learned in chapter eleven that they've always been around in human history. The archangels are very beautiful and scary, so of course Elena has to do a job for Raphael, archangel of New York City. She finds him dangerously attractive. He finds her dangerously attractive. But they must track an archangel gone evil.

Ooh, and I saw the Watchmen movie! Did not care about the ending alteration, thought it was tidier than the original, was amused by the "Outer Limits" shout-out. Loved the look of the costumes and sets. Winced a bit at some of the blood-spattering. Overall, was quite satisfied. I had popcorn, too.
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