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oracne - Victoria Janssen

yes, it's saturday

What, I'm posting on a Saturday?!

The Philly Fantastic reading went great--about fifteen people were there (I knew all of them). I read part of one of the chapters of The Duchess narrated by Sylvie, which had a few humorous bits. Then I answered some questions. My throat was sore so I didn't read as much as I would have otherwise, but I think it was long enough. Then about half of us went out for dinner and drinks.

Had brunch this morning with the usual crew of Philly sf writers with lots of wide-ranging conversation, as per usual. We all miss filomancer. I plan to rest and let this cold finish for the remainder of the weekend; I am drinking a vitamin-filled smoothie at the moment, which is very soothing on my throat. I have four episodes of Life to watch, along with all the other DVDs on which I'm behind.

Monday I've taken off from the day job so I can work on my Harlequin proposal. Not sure if I'll be checking email that day or not. I plan to do some quality revisions on the two sample chapters. The synopsis needs another look, too. It's easier to think about, now that the werewolf book revisions are in.

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