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progress report

I worked on revisions last night, solving a couple of problems by simply excising confusing bits, or bits that were no longer relevant because of other changes. I think I've now addressed each query on the revision letter, some of them more briefly than others. It might be time to print and read over. It seems a daunting project, but otherwise I won't see the whole picture.

If I burn out before I'm done with reading it over again, at least I'll have another chance at the manuscript after copy edits and such. However, that chance will be handwritten...so if I want to add those couple new scenes, I should do it now. They're not scenes that are desperately needed, just scenes I want to put in for the sake of characterization. And for fun.

Revised plan for revision: spend this weekend reading it on screen, as much as I can take, and add those couple of lagniappe scenes. Hopefully, also find if I missed anything big. Next week, print and read until I've read the whole thing or until my brain fizzles out. If I could ship it on February 2, that would be ideal.

After that, I've had a request for a couple of chapters on the pirate project, so I'll do that next, along with a shorter, more focused synopsis. Since February includes the Death March to Brahms rehearsals, I'm not sure if I'll finish that in the same month, but I sure plan to try.
Tags: werewolf, writing progress

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