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progress report

I was finally at home last night, but did not write. However, yesterday I mostly unpacked from my weekend at Arisia, did a load of laundry, opened mail, looked up and printed some receipts for tax purposes, and updated my page on one of the social/reading networking sites (Shelfari).

This morning, I bought a new warm fleece pullover (thanks, nifwitch, for the heads up!) and a replacement for my faded and stretched black cotton cardigan, confirmed a couple of dates for guestblogging gigs at Romance Junkies, and did a big update on the "appearances" section of my website where you can see what I'll be up to. (Look! I did a link and everything!)

I made notes on a couple of minor but meaningful things I want to include in my Moonlight Mistress revision.

Go me. Especially since I really only feel like going on a long walk with my MP3 player, and perhaps eating baked goods.
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