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authentic winter in Germany singing experience?

The wee church was bitter cold inside last night for rehearsal. My feet started out cold and the temperature didn't improve over the next three hours. I wore a woll hat and scarf the whole time, and sat on my coat with it pulled over my legs. I had to switch from half-gloves to my regular gloves eventually because the tips of my fingers were going numb. Luckily, my Brahms score is well used, so turning pages in gloves wasn't so bad.

On the break, a bunch of us huddled with our hands over the radiators, whose heat seemed to be going out the glass windows instead of into the church. Snacks included cheese, and I ate several bites, on the theory that they would serve the same purpose as eating blubber to warm up in the cold. It might even have worked a little.

The singing, however, was glorious. A small group, in a small church, filling it up with rich sounds. We worked on a couple of the big fugues, tossing the lines back and forth, flowing like water.
Tags: brahms, singing

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