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oh happy day!

Happy Inauguration Day!

I'm back from Arisia and back online. As you can probably tell, since I'm posting this message....

Con was good. I particularly enjoyed the gender panel, which benefitted from an excellent moderator, Lee Harrington (who often gives workshops, facilitates, etc., which was really evident). I attended a couple of panels in their entirety and a few partially, as they were scheduled at the same time as each other. I only had to participate in two panels and a reading, so the amount of time to actually attend other stuff was unusual for me, and fun. I was really tired during the Steampunk/Cyberpunk panel I was on, and also we were sitting near a door to outside, so my feet were cold the whole time. The "Trend? What Trend?" panel was a blast. There were only four of us on that one, and we had a range of knowledge of different genres, so it moved pretty quickly.

It snowed, very beautifully, most of Sunday.

Best news of con, Sarah Smith is done with the ghost book she was working on, and is back to the next in her mystery series! I am curious to see how the mystery is going to tie in to the Titanic, which features in the plot.
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