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back to the singing!

I wrote during lunch yesterday, on the netbook, and a tiny bit after work, since rehearsals have started up again, this time for a paid Brahms gig. The limited writing time was very productive, possibly because I knew exactly what I had to write before I started; I'd been thinking about it for days, as well.

For the next six weeks or so we're in a wee church near where I work, as our usual venue is being used for something else this month. The wee church was one of those whose interior is bare brick and concrete, with a few more traditional icons stashed around. Luckily, the pews were wood. It was still pretty chilly. I wore my scarf and my new half-gloves for the whole rehearsal; after the break, I draped my coat over my shoulders, and my feet were still cold. The bad thing about rehearsing near work is I don't get to go home and have a revivifying shower beforehand, and of course afterwards it takes longer to get home, so I get less sleep.

We ran several movements, and dealt with the usual pitch traps, stylistic issues, tricky bits, etcetera. We don't have notes from Maestro Solzhenitsyn yet, so we couldn't work on his interpretations.

Next month is the real Death March to Brahms--there are multiple rehearsals with the orchestra who is paying us, but, well, they're paying for them. And it's no hardship to sing Brahms' Requiem. It's one of the first pieces I ever sang with The Donald [former conductor], so there are memories there. More recently, we sang the two-handed piano version both because It Was There and because we couldn't afford a full orchestra, and that was an interesting experience as well. The only hardship is going to be a massive lack of sleep for me. This is one of the chief reasons I want to finish revisions on The Moonlight Mistress before those two weeks begin.
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