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Dec-08 mix

December 2008 Mix. Several on this one I discovered thanks to folks on the friendlist, so thanks!

I spent most of December playing with the choices and order, and never being quite satisfied; then I listened again this month and rather liked it. A number of these songs are still in rotation on my MP3 player.

I am considering making these mix posts friends-only--please comment if you download, so I know to add you. Thanks!

December 2008

1. "Marie-Josee," Zap Mama
2. "Lo Que Dice," Ozomatli
3. "Mercy," Duffy
4. "Take A Chance on Me," Abba
5. "Mundaya pauna bhangra," Bobby Friction
6. "Squares," The Beta Band
7. "J'étais Là," Zazie
8. "Dizzy ke Peeche," Martinibomb
9. "Sarah Rose," Goh Nakamura
10. "Highway Flowers," Odessa Chen
11. "Mountains O' Things," The Duhks
12. "Colleen," Heavy
13. "Son's Gonna Rise," Citizen Cope
14. "Fement in Dm," Dark Dark Dark
15. "Cobrastyle," Robyn
16. "Trashcan," Delta Spirit
17. "Sing," Glen Campbell
18. "Grounds for Divorce," Elbow
19. "Amore (Sexo)," Macy Gray & Santana
20. "Sleepflower," Manic Street Preachers
21. "Molto Arpeggiosa," Yngwie Malmsteen

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