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progress report

I wrote last night! I wrote in December, maybe five times or so, but every time it felt either hurried or exhausting. Last night, it actually felt good to write, once I finished procrastinating loading the new version of Open Office.

I read over my revision letter again, and I think it's doable by the end of this month/beginning of next month. I want to get the revisions in by then so I can a) possibly start a new project and b) be able to properly enjoy February's two-week Death March to Brahms Gig.

I mailed off some culled books this morning, as well as a contract for "The Princess," a hundred-word short for an anthology called Alison Wonderland. It was one of those I'd submitted for something else, and then later the editor contacted me and asked me if she could use it for this anthology. I like it when things work out that way.

This weekend, I'm doing Q&A with shveta_thakrar's writing workshop in Old City, which should be fun.

The to-do list is still large, but less scary than it was last week.
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