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early dismissal, yay!

See? Very calm now, that my book is out. Calm. Yes, indeed. Very calm.

For travel reading, I decided on by Sherry Thomas, which I no longer have to hoard now that I know she'll have another book [Not Quite a Husband]; Demon Angel (The Guardians, Book 2) by Meljean Brook, for which I've received many recs; and a ringer thrown in at the last minute, Snowbound, a Harlequin Superromance by Janice Kay Johnson, who can be very soothing and undemanding.

I am especially curious about how I'll like the Brook. I read the initial short story in this series (it was in an anthology with an Emma Holly story), and was basically unmoved, though it was by no means a bad story. I suspect I was overwhelmed at the time with reading a lot of paranormal romances in a row. We shall see. It would be nice to have another series I like and can glom. As a side note, I wonder if people go nuts that the novel is listed as "#2" when there is no novel #1, only that short story?
Tags: paranormal, recommendations, romance

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