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Philcon 2008 bookloot

Bookloot from Philcon!

Eva Ibbotson, The Morning Gift, since I had the other ones by that author at the Poison Pen Press table, which I sometimes refer to as the "crack den" because you must keep going back over and over again during the con to look at all the cool historical cookery/costumery books as well as the awesome YA selection.

Robert E. Howard:
Conan the Conqueror
Conan the Usurper
A Gent From Bear Creek
The Hand of Kane
Solomon Kane: Skulls in the Stars
(Centaur edition, which is about as old as I am).

All the Howard is because, once I was scheduled to be on a panel about him, I realized I owned none, having read borrowed copies in my youth, when I didn't have money to buy my own books. I've never read any of the Breckinridge stories (that's the Bear Creek book), and very few of the Kane stories (which admittedly is because I don't like them as much as Conan; they were written much earlier, so the prose is less stylistically developed). I am curious to see if I still like the El Borak stories, which I adored as a young teenager, or if they will make me cringe; alas, that collection wasn't in the dealers' room.

I also discovered that there's a polarization of opinion on the Frank Frazetta cover for Bran Mak Morn, which I always thought was ugly; several men I spoke to loved that cover beyond all reason. I can see their point, it is dark and scary and suitable for the text, but to me it's too dark and impressionistic, and Bran Mak Morn looks too thuggish. Perhaps this comes from me always seeing it on aging, yellowed paperbacks. I love other Frazetta, so it's the paining itself I don't like.
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