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Portia DaCosta, The Stranger: One of the most charming and hot books I've read in a long, long time. Claudia, the heroine, has been widowed for eight months and is starting to come to life again when she encounters a lovely, fey stranger bathing in the river; later he comes to her for help in a thunderstorm, and a deep connection arises between them.

The first half of the book has the lovely feel of a dreamy fantasy. Of necessity, as reality returns it becomes more conventional, in feel if not in subject. Claudia's return to living is revealed not only through a revived hunger for sex but also by new desires for people whom she never would have thought of before as partners. Though well-written, I didn't enjoy those scenes as much, as I was in it for the Stranger, Paul; I did like that he continued to be woven in and out of those scenes. I liked Claudia and Paul enough that I would love seeing them in another book.

The book was published by Black Lace.
Tags: erotica
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