oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

how easy it is to do other things than write

--Set up reading/release party
--Sent out "save the date" emails
--Emailed Harlequin publicity about materials for reading/release party
--Accepted blogging gig for mid-December
--Set up reading with Erotica Salon for February 17, 2009
--Accepted gig doing workshop for an RWA mailing list 8/31/09-9/11/09
--Filled out program info for Arisia
--Filled out program info for Philcon

To Do:
--Finish workshop critique
--Finish Spice Briefs submission, which involves sitting down to write
--Email different group of folks about reading/release party
--Request publicity materials for Erotica Salon
--Confirm NYRSF reading for April
--Query re: erotica reading series in NYC
--Query re: Philly Fantastic reading
--Write blog entries for December gig
--Write mailing list workshop posts
--Confirm RWA judging gig
--Online forum workshop proposal?
--Second proposal for Spice, now I have an idea for it
--Oh, yeah, writing some stuff
Tags: business of writing, promo, todolist

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