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CapClave 2008 Schedule

Shades of Grey
Fri 7pm Montrose
Peter Heck [moderator], Mindy Klasky, Victoria Janssen, Ted White, Catherine Asaro
Anti-heroes and morally ambigious chracters (such as Elric or Snape). How do writers
portray a character not firmly good nor evil. Why would a writer want to create such a
character? What is the advantage of making an ambigious character the hero? The

Girl Meets Monster - Gets Boyfiend: Paranormal Romances
Sat 1pm Montrose
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Maria V. Snyder, Mindy Klasky, Jeri Smith-Ready, Traci Castleberry
What is paranormal romance? Is it absorbing urban fantasy or is it a completely separate
genre? Why is it so popular? Why now? Should they be filed under romance or fantasy?

E.T. Phone Earth: First Contact and Alien Communication
Sat 2pm Montrose
Lawrence M. Schoen [moderator], Judith Moffett, Victoria Janssen, Charles Gannon
What happens when humans meet aliens? How might we communicate with them?
What barriers stand in the way? How have different SF stories, TV, and movies
addressed this situation?

Sat 9pm Twinbrook
Victoria Janssen
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