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oracne - Victoria Janssen

the groundhog emerges

I am still extremely mentally tired and somewhat discombobulated after whizzing through writing two novels in quick succession, more so than I'd thought at first. The days off were a very good thing. I found myself listening to my friends conversing as if I'd never heard such a thing before, as if I'd been on a desert island for months.

Which I almost have been. The description I finally arrived at for my state of mind, full of mixed metaphors, is that I've been inside my head for months and months, staring only at the spot directly in front of me, and usually only seeing the inside of my skull. Now, I've fallen out onto the sidewalk and there are people walking by! Events! Other books and new ideas! It's a little overwhelming.

I am dealing with this in several ways. On my days off, I wrote, and I only wrote things I wanted to write, things that I enjoyed. I tried (with little success) to not feel guilty that I didn't write all weekend. I cleaned out a closet. I played with a baby. I ate pie. I did a little housecleaning. I watched the rest of series one of Life, which I loved and would totally read the fanfic for if someone would tell me where the good stuff is, if there is any, yes that is a hint.
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