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dental fun

This is crown number four, replacing the one that came off while I was in San Francisco. While eating risotto, of all things. On the other side, I've had two crowns on the same tooth as well, one of them done badly and resulting in a root canal, having my lower wisdom teeth out, and finally a crown. This one is a lot less lengthy and complex process. Today was appointment number two of three. It took over an hour of drilling, adjusting, and making molds for my permanent crown. Last appointment was supposed to be in a couple of weeks, but I'll be out of town, so it's scheduled for the 26th. That one should be a lot less painful and time-consuming. They just have to take off the temporary and cement on the permanent, if I remember right.

Owwwww my jaw where the big needle went in. And the side of my tongue, which feels like it got drilled, too (though I probably just chewed on it while I couldn't feel it).

I imagine my jaw is going to be sore for two or three days where the needle went in. And the pain is making me cranky. Every little thing makes me want to cry. I should get some Anbesol on the way out of work. Ibuprofren helps with the jaw ache, but hasn't done anything for the tongue so far as I can tell.

I need to remember I finished the draft last night. *weak hurray*
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