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Jade Lee, Tempted Tigress: an adventure story set in China during the Opium Wars, with the White heroine (raised in China, by British nuns) involved in the opium trade and the Chinese hero trying to bring the trade down as both policeman and executioner. Lots of gritty historical detail, which sounds accurate so far as my knowledge goes.

I wouldn't have been surprised if this story had ended badly, but luckily, it's a romance. I think that's the only trick to liking the book; you have to remember that it's a Romance, and the happy ending has to happen, so seemingly insurmountable cultural/political issues must be overcome.

I think it's important to note that the author has one Chinese parent and one White parent, so the fact that (so far as I know) all of the couples in this series so far have been interracial makes more sense to me. Of course, interracial romance is nothing new; it's just that every couple in the series managed to find a mystical bond to seal their romance. I'm not sure yet what I think of that. In this book, a Chinese character who'd experienced this mystical bond expressed the opinion that there was something about Whites that made it easier for them--that freaked me a little, and I'm still processing what that might mean to the author, other than making the mystical bonding element of her whole series made sense from a worldbuilding standpoint. However, what I liked a lot about this book was that the couple did not spend the whole book working on mystical bonding; they try it at the end, but the hero can't quite remember how it's supposed to go, and they end up just staring into each others' eyes the whole time, and reach a mystical level from there, or what they think is mystical. I liked that--it was their connection that mattered, not Mystic Chinese Philosophy.

Anyway, am trying to decide if I want to read any more of this series. I liked this one, and I read the first two a while back, while finding them enjoyable but not rereads.

If you've read this one, or any of these, what did you think?
Tags: historical, romance

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