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down and safe in San Francisco!

I am at RWA Nationals and having a lovely time so far. Today, I helped set up for a luncheon, putting freebie books on chairs, then skipped out on the luncheon itself to walk around a bit. So far, the general aspect of SF reminds me of Manhattan, at least in this neighborhood. Perhaps tonight, I shall see fog!

I arrived yesterday evening and as soon as I'd checked in to the hotel, I went to the Literacy Signing, which was very like the World Fantasy signing or WisCon's signout, only with more people, and the proceeds going to charity. I first found my roommate, Robin Owens, whom I'd never met. We got on very well, and had breakfast together this morning, chatting about our writing, writing in general, the culture of the RWA conference, and science fiction/fantasy (she's been writing fantasy for Luna Books as well as sf for Berkeley). Also at the signing, I roamed about and fangirled various of my favorite authors, this activity made more dreamlike by my exhaustion, jetlag, and low blood sugar. I talked to Kalen Hughes, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, Jo Beverley (!), Liz Carlyle, and several others. Then I checked in with the couple of people I actually knew, doublecheese and smokingpigeon, before running across Susan Krinard, whom I'd met years ago at the Boston Worldcon. I then had dinner with complete strangers in the hotel restaurant and had a lovely conversation.

So far as actual conference activities, I have attended a single workshop with Elizabeth Hoyt on dialogue. It was more general that I had hoped for, but still quite interesting. I chose the workshops I'd attend more by the presenters than by the topics.

slithytove, I saw webpetals and passed on greetings from you.

I should meet my editor tonight for the first time, and will see varkat as well. My agent is coming in tomorrow.

Saturday, I'm off to visit cofax7, then Wednesday over to oyceter, as well as a trip to the Exploratorium, so I can see madrobins.
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