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DR. WHO 4.13

Dr. Who 4.13, "Journey's End":


Not Donna's memories, no no no no no! Emotionally intense as it was, and a mirror to Rose having and then losing the TARDIS' time energy back in series one, I still grieve and wish they'd come up with another solution. Pfui on drama, anyway.

Did I mention how much I love Donna's grandfather? That last scene, with the Doctor standing in the rain, and Gramps saying, essentially, that he would be a person out in the universe who cared if the Doctor lived or died, was just wrenching. As wrenching as the Doctor saying goodbye to Donna, and her giving him a casual wave.

The bits where DoctorDonna and DonnaDoctor were doing "Oi! Oi!" and all that totally cracked me up.

DonnaDoctor went a bit mad with the power she'd been handed, spinning Daleks and such. She was so frenetic, it made sense later that she'd burn out.

Shout-out to Sarah Jane Adventures with the pendant!

Shout-out to "Genesis of the Daleks" yay!!!

Jackie, yay! She was great with her final dig at the Doctor, "I named him Tony."

I imagine the Rose/Doctor shippers will have a field day with DoctorDonna in the parallel universe; I'm actually interested in seeing some of that fic, because I think there's a lot you can do with DoctorDonna's mortality versus his vast knowledge and enormous history; and will his brain/mind have any problems from the human blending, as Donna did, or is he safer because he was grown from Time Lord DNA? Also, DoctorDonna repeated the end of the Time War by destroying all those Daleks, though this time without destroying his own planet as well. Talk about PTSD waiting to happen.

I found the whole moving planets around bit kind of cheesy, but it was better than last season's Tinkerbell finale. And I loved the six pilots for the TARDIS. That was thematically lovely.

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