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progress report

Got most excellent critiques from slithytove, filomancer, and pointoforigin on Saturday, which I am still assimilating. Go, backbrain, go!

Alas, I was unable to give them the whole novel, as it is not yet finished. So they weren't able to help me with that whole end section I still have to write.

pointoforigin thought there should be more sex.
[She had a reason, and it was in a specific part, but I thought it was funnier just to say it like that.]

filomancer has a book whose title starts with Otter Skins, so she at first misread my title, Other Skins, to humorous effect.

slithytove thought the relationship material and the historical material were locked in an erotic embrace.

I still stick important details in the middle of paragraphs instead of at the beginning or end of them. And I still have too many whiplash transitions--must not fear the scene break! These are more things to always remember to look at when I edit, which I will do once the draft is done.
Tags: werewolf, writing process
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