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DR. WHO 4.8

Dr. Who 4.8, "Silence in the Library":

ZOMG that was one of the best episodes ever. And creeptastic! Wah!

I haven't listened to them yet, but Colin Salmon, who played Dr. Moon, plays Avon in audio plays of Blake's 7. Hee!!!

The whole thing with River Song reminded me strongly of Bernice Summerfield, the archaeologist companion in a bunch of the tie-in books, who actually got her own solo books and audios, as well. I assume this was intentional. Though Bernice did not end up having the sort of connection with the Doctor that it's hinted River Song had. Even in this episode, it's clear she wasn't an ordinary companion. I had a feeling of the tv universe being much larger, suddenly.

The library is also like Dream's library in Sandman.

I loved the "Other Dave" and "Proper Dave" nicknames. Poor Miss Evangelista.

I immediately rushed on and read watched the next episode.
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