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DR. WHO 4.6

Dr. Who 4.6, "The Doctor's Daughter"

Yay Georgia Moffett! I was especially excited to see her in this episode, because the first time I went to a convention with a Dr. Who guest, it was Peter Davison. The convention was in Georgia, and in one of the brief conversations I had with him, he mentioned that it was his daughter's name. I think she was maybe 12 at the time, in that ballpark anyway.

Once again, I found the aliens a bit counter-intuitive as far as evolution goes, unless they were hoping to live underwater on their new planet.

Wow, that was emotionally intense. I bent all close to the screen while Donna chaffed the Doctor and held my breath, and then he finally did tell her, though he didn't say Susan's name. Really good restrained emotion from Tennant. He really did seem very, very old. I also loved his silent pain when Jenny is dead, and the silent, shaking rage while he pointed a gun at her killer before he lowers the gun, and yells, and flings the gun away. That's one of the things I watch this show for.

I loved that Donna stopped teasing immediately once she knew the Doctor really did know about having children, and offered genuine sympathy.

Since I'd been careful not to spoil myself, I wasn't sure if Jenny would regnerate (if that's what she did, her form didn't change), and that was a lovely long breathless segment at the end there. Once the camera didn't leave her body on the bier, I began to suspect she would revive, and she did! So now they're free to have her show up again later without the Doctor knowing (yet) she's still alive.

I worried about the telepathy aspect, which wasn't addressed. Could the Doctor sense her presence telepathically, or not? If he could, he went along with Donna's stethoscope trick so she'd leave him alone; if he couldn't, listening to two hearts had to have been really weird, as if there was a Time Lord there whom he couldn't reach in his mind. Apparently, there is no telepathic sense of when someone's going to regenerate or not, or he would have known she wasn't actually dead. I think…maybe he did have a little telepathic sense of her, because as soon as she was shot he seemed to know she was dying. He didn't look to Martha for confirmation, or check her pulses, or anything. He just seemed to know, and was trying desperately for some last moments of communication (as with the Master, when he was dying last season).

Nice Martha bits, with her going off on her own and meeting an alien and having that alien die while saving her--very classic Who!

The whole seven days thing was cool, but was the lifespan of the generated people sped up? Because the general certainly looked old. Was his progenitor old? And do the generated children always come out the opposite sex? That makes the process a lot more complicated.

I wondered why the Doctor didn't go nuts about the machine that pretty much instantaneously made another Time Lord. Where was his urge to repopulate his species? I think this might show he doesn't have that urge, and feels their time is done. Or at least, doesn't want to make warlike Time Lords. As if he couldn't tinker with the machine. Though selenak pointed out you can't really recreate a species using duplicates of the same person over and over.

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