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DR. WHO 4.4, 4.5

4.4, "The Sontaran Stratagem":

Oh, look, another short, dark-haired, crazed boy genius, who reminded me far too much of the evil trio on Buffy. The Sontarans are pretty scary in their enthusiastic warmongering. The colonel was pretty good, once he got over his awe for the Doctor and did his job. At least this time the Beeb wasn't too cheap to have more than one Sontaran.


Martha and Donna together talking trash about the Doctor in front of him, yay!


Amazing temp powers, yay! It's Donna's super-power.

Shout-out to the Doctor's incredible physics aim, at least this Doctor's. And also shout-out to the casting of Gramps = vendor in "Voyage of the Damned," and to why Gramps wasn't in "The Runaway Bride," flimsy and stilted as that explanation sounded.

4.5, Part two, "The Poison Sky":

Good old-fashioned invasion story, except the invaders mostly stay on their ship.

Brigadier shout-out!!!!!

I cracked up at "Are you my mummy?"

Colonel Mace has his spine firmly back in place, even though he's not listening to some of the Doctor's good advice.

Awww, poor Ross.

I caught of glimpse of Rose's face on the viewscreen in the TARDIS, right before Donna grabbed the mobile phone.

Martha may be running around with U.N.I.T., but she's still compassionate to her own clone and trying to think up better solutions to the Doctor's crazy suicidal ideas. I liked that the reason her solution wouldn't work was because the Doctor wanted to give the Sontarans a choice--that's perfect Doctor characterization.

My favorite moment? All wordless--the Doctor lands back in the teleport pod after Rattigan takes over the self-sacrifice, Martha grabs his arm, Donna hits him and then grabs his arm. [melts]

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