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DR. WHO 4.3

Dr. Who 4.3, "Planet of the Ood."

It had Tim McInnery guesting! Whom Black Adder fans should remember played Lord Percy.

Evolving to carry your brain around in your hand seems like the worst idea ever if your species is going to survive--what do you do when you need both hands to, like, type? Or whatever? Balance it on your head? Stuff it down your cleavage? Can you play one of those ball-and-cup games with it? La la la I can't hear your lame explanations I will just pretend it's magic la la la.

Giant brains can eat people?!

Aliens sing in the voices of counter-tenors.

Shout-out to the Doctor's telepathic abilities!

Slavery again--they skipped the issue entirely in the Pompeii episode, but I felt that in this one it was entirely intentional that the security chief who happened to wield a whip was played by a black man, and the actress who played the publicity manager for the Ood sales was also a woman of color, and her character was portrayed in semi-conscious denial of what humans were doing to the Ood. The big boss was played by a white man, and ends up turned into an Ood, one of the oppressed. I think they were trying to take race out of the allegory by showing both white people and people of color as complicit in the Ood's enslavement, but it just annoyed me and made me think that the writers are way too simplistic and they Fail. Except for the fact that the Doctor doesn't really save the Ood. They're already saving themselves before he gets there and pfui on you, alien white man! All the Doctor does is the flashy bit, breaking the circle, which an Ood could have done just as easily.

I was very amused by the Doctor being pursued by a giant Claw. And, in the outside shots, irresistably reminded of many, many Blake's 7 episodes, in particular "Seek Locate Destroy."

"DoctorDonnaFriends" annoyed me, because it felt like badly written slave dialect when everything else the Ood said was perfectly clear. Unless, of course, the Ood were mocking the way the Doctor and Donna kept yelling that phrase. That would be funny.

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