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DR. WHO 4.2

Dr. Who, "The Fires of Pompeii": very old school, I liked it! I love that Donna is so snarky and speaks and thinks for herself, very much what I love about Martha, except they left out that annoying crush business.

True, some of the conflict was a recap of "The Runaway Bride," but I think they did it because they were not assuming all their viewers had seen that episode and what it established about Donna and about the Doctor. And the actors did a great job with it.

The thing about all the seers being right was really cool. It's too bad they also had to add in big scary on-fire monsters. Even though I loved that they could be fought off with a water pistol, which was the best ever. Reminded me of "Inferno," the cool 3rd Doctor alternate universe episode with Stormtrooper Liz and Evil Brigadier, except they also had to add in weird green monkeymen. [sigh] Crawling into Vesuvius? Ummm...yeah. La la la la.

When the seers said "Gallifrey," and in that whole scene, I got a delightful shudder at the creepiness.

I'm surprised to say I also liked how they showed the way belief in the gods was part of Roman life, and I liked the casual way the dad referred to his son hanging out with disreputables like Christians. I'm surprised because my archaeological self is usually hiding in a corner and whimpering during science fiction shows.

Shout-out to the TARDIS translation ability!

Spartacus and Spartacus--I laughed out loud at that one, having once seen the entire remastered and uncut epic.

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