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Hughes, LORD SIN

Kalen Hughes, Lord Sin (Book One: Rakes of London): This book had exquisite sexual tension throughout and scads of vivid, realistic Georgian period detail. I loved the historical detail as much as the sex scenes. Is that kinky?

The heroine, George, is notable for being "one of the guys" and a widow who truly loved her husband, who died young. The hero, Ivo, fought a duel to protect her, years before while she was still married, and at the beginning of the book has just returned from the resulting exile, during which he privately obsessed over George even though he knew it was improper. However, upon his return he learns that she is now a widow, and notorious for only granting men a single night in her bed. Ivo bargains her up to six, one for each year of his exile.

The one thing I didn't care for so much was the vengeful serial killer subplot. I am kind of tired of those in historicals, and this book had ample plot tension without it.

I am looking forward to Hughes' next one, which is on my TBR stack.
Tags: erotica, historical, romance

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