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Shana Abé, The Smoke Thief: This was interesting--I liked the repressive nature of the shapeshifter community; they feel it is necessary to stay in one area, Darkfrith, to maintain their safety, while at the same time within that community they are flying free all over the place in the form of smoke or gorgeous dragons. So it's total control over freedom. I sympathized heavily with the "runners" who fled the community, and was thus conflicted when the romance was between the community's leader and a runner; the issue was complicated by the runner being the first female shapeshifter in generations, thus alpha female, and the physical compulsion she and the alpha male had with each other, and the tensions between desire, duty, and emotions. I loved the historical setting, with all the wigs and panniers and London grime.

That said, I wasn't enthralled enough to go on and read The Dream Thief, second in this series; I have another Abé to read instead.
Tags: paranormal, romance
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