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progress report: revisions

I wrote lots and lots more on paper on Friday and Saturday; if I got stuck, I started another scene, not wasting time on transitions. Saturday night, I started typing, with a scene added to the end of one of the early chapters. I edited and expanded as I typed, and finished the scene; it ended up being about 1600 words.

Wrote a little more on Sunday, made notes, and did some more small edits on the printout before typing, typing, typing, this time in the section of the manuscript that needs the most work. I felt like the two characters were sitting still talking for too long, but I can edit later this week, hopefully. I don't have the luxury of refining until it gleams, alas. That was another 1600 words or so last night.

I still have some handwritten material I have to type, and I need to write another scene with stableboy and duchess' first lover to replace one that was removed.

I think it's slower writing by hand and then typing, but in effect it's giving me two passes over the material, which is a good thing, since I might not have time to do a full read of the manuscript before I send it in. Also, if I hadn't pulled away from the document to write those new scenes, I might have remained frozen and not gotten anything done at all.
Tags: the duchess, writing process
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