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Kresley Cole, Dark Needs at Night's Edge (The Immortals After Dark, Book 4): I am still loving this series. The heroine of this one is the ghost of a self-made woman of the 1920s, which I adore. The hero is a vampire who is, at the start of the novel, insane with bloodlust. So their path to romance is a rocky one, beginning with the hero chained to a bed in the house haunted by the heroine; and of course the hero's brothers, who are trying to cure him, think he's hallucinating when he asks them about the pretty woman he sees.

Also, I love the wild, funny, unashamed world of females of the Lore, and there were more glimpses in this book.

The resolution of the story was a little too easy, but I realized I would have been annoyed if it hadn't been resolved, and couldn't think of a better solution myself, so there you go.

Cole continues to spear many of the tropes of other paranormal romances and the Alpha Hero, and to do so in a most amusing manner.
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