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meetings in the sea of con

natlyn and I went early to the Farmers' Market yesterday, picking up frostokovich on the way, and had lovely pastries and coffee. We eventually all wandered off on our own, and I bought some lovely glass earrings before "Porn Crushes the Patriarchy," which I thought went well; the panelists were so wonderful I had little to do to keep them on topic and the conversation going. I think we had enough material for another panel on that or a similar topic next year.

I had lunch with heresluck, then participated in the Torchwood panel, mostly on the level of squee and admitting we enjoy watching this show despite its flaws. Then a lovely chat with yswilce about our upcoming projects and old projects that will likely go nowhere, then dinner with a host of erotica writers, and then the Tiptree Auction, in which Mari Kotani won at rock, scissors, paper and I did not win when bidding for an ARC of Pat Murphy's Wild Girls that included the swear words she had to take out. (I bought the hardcover release today, instead.) I lacked energy, emotionally and socially, for parties so went back to my room, read a bit, and slept.

This morning, Sunday, I attended a panel!!! It was all about narrative, and I even took notes, in a discontinuous and obscure fashion. I will post them when I get back, when I am not using a shared computer. Then lunch with oursin, where I rattled on about my books and got many useful recommendations for historical fiction and otherwise. It is lovely when someone will let you pick their brains.

Saw truepenny briefly in the lobby and said hi; have only managed passing meetings with her so far. I'm about to head upstairs to the green room, to meet up with people to prep for my last panel of the con.
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