oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
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Madeline Hunter, The Sinner: Another complex and devious evil plot underlies the romance between a rakish but honorable hero and his brother's former fiancée. As usual, the evil plot interested me less than the rest of the book. I was torn between wanting more of the historical setting and the heroine's associated charitable works (early industry! Miners! Railroads!) and the relationship that develops between hero and heroine, which I loved a lot because the two characters were friends and enjoyed talking with each other as well as feeling physical attraction. I felt the heroine had a valid reason to fear physical intimacy, and I liked reading her struggles between her fears and her desires. Perhaps if I could keep what I got, and also have more of the history, which Hunter works in well, I would have been totally in love with this book.
Tags: historical, madeline hunter, romance
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