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progress report: revision letter

I have a revision letter! I have a lot of writing for this one section (of which I only did one draft, so I am not surprised)! I haven't written any of it yet!

Friday night, I read over the letter to make sure the eunuchs were safe [they were], and then saw Iron Man and drooled over Robert Downey, even when his character was obnoxious, because I have a Thing for him which apparently nothing can dampen.

Saturday, I read over the letter again and deliberately did things like wrap some books to mail and put away laundry. Then I made many notes. Then I went to lawbabeak's bday party all afternoon and into the evening. Sunday, I made more notes, then had lunch with feklar and some shopping, then went home and made more notes.

I guess I have to start writing soon.

Editing/revising is much easier than zero drafting. It's so much easier to make something better than to have it spring, fully-formed, from your head.
Tags: writing process

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