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Caroline Linden, What a Gentleman Wants: It's a tribute to this author that despite the plot making me initially very uncomfortable--a widow is planning to marry a rake in the course of his trying to reform himself, but he then signs his twin brother's name to the register without telling her--I liked this book. In fact, I liked it better at the end than I did at the beginning.

I still found the first section very uncomfortable reading, as I knew from the back cover that the heroine was going to be deceived horribly, However, I liked her character enough that I kept reading, and of course the trick made for quite a lot of interesting tension with the hero, who's the titled elder brother. I was relieved when the younger brother showed up again and was not promptly or easily forgiven, despite his being correct that the heroine was better suited to his brother. I think it was that which made me like the book most. The younger brother is [mostly] forgiven by the end, but he's done things to earn in by that point, and of course it's difficult to leave something like that hanging at the end of a book.
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