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Madeline Hunter, The Saint: I didn't like the first section of this book, in which the hero intends his brother to marry his wealthy ward (without telling her so) as much as I did the later parts, when hero and heroine finally begin to discover all the things they have in common besides a physical attraction, and begin to take each other seriously as people. I also liked the way they discussed things between them, one partner not walking all over the other. And there was reasonable compromise! Awesome!

Madeline Hunter, The Charmer: the hero is powerful in politics and gets things done; the heroine has just inherited quite a bit of power, and doesn't want men to dictate what she does with it. I liked this one mostly for her journey, in which she deals with past angst and decides how she'll take power in the future. The hero changes as well, mostly because of influence from the heroine. The suspense plot seemed almost unnecessary to me, though it was wonderfully devious and I enjoyed reading it. Hunter does a great job weaving in the politics of the period of William IV.
Tags: historical, madeline hunter, romance

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