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Strange experience last night--I brought my cover flat to choir rehearsal, since a lot of people have been asking me about the book (I got the deal during re-auditions last time). I felt like I ought to warn everyone that the contents were not tame, as many expressed an interest in reading it. Which is strange, because I firmly and strongly believe it's a good thing for people to read erotica and be free and adventurous in their own minds. I suppose I don't want anyone to adventure without knowing that's what they're doing. I want people to be conscious of their own desire for/willingness to adventure.

I had to explain a couple of times that the book wasn't coming out until December, and that the cover came from a completely different department, so I had no input into it at all. Except a bit of my synopsis is in the descriptive text on the back (not the back cover copy, the stuff intended for the buyers).

Choir is almost a separate world for me--I only occasionally interact with fellow choristers outside of the group, and then usually it's for other musical purposes, like attending a concert. It's so much a part of me, a basic, inextricable need, just like writing. Yet the two hardly ever meet, and seem to engage different parts of my brain.
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