oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen


And in case you're wondering? I'm really, really bitter that J.K. Rowling won the Andre Norton Award. I firmly believe that many of the votes for that book came from people who had not read all, or even any, of the others on the ballot, all of which were original, creative, and breaking new ground in one way or another, which the seventh book in a series simply could not be. Also, I don't think it particularly matters to Ms. Rowling at this point, if she won. Certainly not to her career. It's not her fault, but I am still angry about the outcome.

The point of this award, in my mind, and I think in Andre Norton's, was to bring attention to spec YA books that were being missed, ignored. Voting for Deathly Hallows fails that purpose. Spectacularly.

I plan to pimp the hell out of the other nominees.

And if you voted for Deathly Hallows? Please don't tell me. I'm not in the mood to hear it right now.
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