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This meme is no doubt past its sell-by date, but I'm doing it anyway.

Novels I've written and how it relates to the novel/s I've sold.

1. First attempt: a futuristic sf novel, in which I did a lot of things to the city of Philadelphia, both good and bad. I started over several times, never completed a full draft, did complete a couple of outlines which I didn't follow very well. Worked on it in dedicated fashion, though, for a long time, and produced a lot of wordcount. I was told the characters were fun. Am still fond of a couple of them. Might go back to it someday for a white-page [from scratch] rewrite. For now, trunked.

2. Second attempt: a fantasy novel, working from a detailed outline. Again made the mistake of starting over when it wasn't working, instead of pushing through the bad parts. Original plot was way more than I could handle. I was told the characters were fun. I did a lot of research for it, though, and that was fun. Unfinished. Trunked. Reworked some bits in recent years, before I had deadlines.

3. Third: 100K historical novel, completed, revised twice, synopsized, and queried. No agent was interested; never heard back from the one manuscript requestor. Say it together: I was told the characters were fun. My agent has it now, to give it a look when she has time.

4. The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover, faux-historical erotic romance. My current agent, who contacted me on the basis of a story I sold her, asked me to do a proposal based on that story. The novel was sold on the basis of the proposal, which was three chapters and an outline; by the time it reached Acquisitions, I'd sent them another seven chapters or so, so they had about ten in hand when the purchase actually went through. Turned in October 2007; due out December 2008 from Harlequin Spice. I've been told the characters are fun.

5. The current project is second on the Spice conrtact. It's set during World War I, and with werewolves. In progress. Due August 2008. We shall see on the characters.

6. Next, who knows? I want to do some more proposals, especially a Western, which would have to be with some other publisher, since my current one already has a Western series. Depending on how well my books do for Spice, they might offer me another contract, and I have a list of ideas just in case, which I'd like to add to. I'd like to go back and do a YA fantasy, and something with that sf idea. I will worry about it when the current novel is done.
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