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DW dream

I haven't yet seen the new Dr. Who episode, but I just remembered I had a DW dream last night. I was watching one of those special eps, like "The Five Doctors," except it had Ten, and Five, and Seven...I think that was all, until there was a glorious walk-through by Six, accompanied by Peri, and oddly enough Tegan and Nyssa, and some other character I was supposed to recognize in the dream but who was in fact not a real character from the show; now that I think about it, he looked a bit like one of the characters in my current novel, only blond instead of red-haired. I was cheering that Six was there, and then after the show, I seemed to be in a theatre setting, and talking to Colin Baker (whom I've never met). In the dream, he looked as he did in the late 1980s, and was wearing the costume but not the coat, with his sleeves rolled up like Peter Davison in "Planet of Fire."

I was apparently watching with someone else, and when Seven did some kind of wacky acrobatics with a cart, I said, "That's him. He's the kind of person who'll stick ferrets down his trousers. And juggle at the same time."

I find it interesting that I didn't include Four, who hasn't done much DW stuff at all, or One through Three, as if I knew One through Three's actors were dead and couldn't be in it.
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