oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
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progress report

500 words Friday night, 1000 on Saturday, and 1500 on Sunday. Not too bad. I'm also reading more bits of my research books, and I made some revisions to my scene list, and am taking Thursday and Friday off from the day job to write.

I've noticed that when I'm pushing, as opposed to when I have all the time I want, I don't wait for scenes to come to me (scene defined as something with action and dialogue), but write in a more narrative style, describing what happened. Still in pov, but not really what I want. Most of that stuff will be expanded into actual scenes--show, rather than tell--once I get to revisions. But right now, getting the ideas down seems more important, and I think will help me in imagining the scenes themselves. And I have more time to decide what needs to be shown, and what can be simply told.

I think I'm going to move the wordcount bar down to 80,000 for the zero draft. A lot of this narrative will take up more space when it's in scene form, and I don't want to overshoot. So if I'm aiming for 80K, and I'm almost at 43K, then I'm halfway done! And I should have time for at least one revision pass, if I can keep up the pace.
Tags: writing, writing craft, writing process, writing progress

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