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Janet Mullany, The Rules of Gentility: I totally recommend this to anyone who is fond of Regency romances and also has a sense of humor about them. I was laughing every few paragraphs except for one scary section.

The book is described as Bridget Jones' Diary for the Regency, and that's reasonably accurate.

Philomena Wellesley-Clegg--no, not ofthose Wellesleys--is a connoisseur of bonnets and looking for a husband, but the ones on offer aren't thrilling her. Her family owns a coal mine, which is making their house subside. Inigo Linsley is the brother-in-law of her closest friend, and he is very scruffy and rakish, and they are instantly attracted. Even though this is satire, I still rooted for them the whole way.
Tags: books, regency, romance
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