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I've been looking for recommendations for authors to look for in category romance, and recently one of Julie Cohen's books had some good reviews, so I bought MacAllister's Baby. I really like the British title, Delicious, better, and it suits the book better, but the titles of categories from Harlequin Presents are more like labels than titles.

This was a great little book. First off, the hero is a chef, and I like reading books where someone has a specialty. There are enough tidbits of research material to make the background seem real, even though the author had very little wordcount to play with. Both hero and heroine have familial issues that contrast fortuitously and neatly tie into the subplot of two students whom they are preparing for a culinary competition.

Plotwise, there was no "Big Misunderstanding." There are some misunderstandings, but then the characters talk about them, and resolve them. So simple, and so rare.

Bonus points for .

--first kiss in a refrigerator;
--heroine figuring out something about her parents without any explosions;
--marriage proposal in the women's bathroom.

A good afternoon's read.
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