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I had been saving Emma Holly's latest, Fairyville for a while, and decided that a weekend away was the perfect time to start reading it. I loved it!

Emma Holly is my favorite erotica writer, bar none. I like her prose style, I like her characters, and I like the sense of erotic play that comes through her stories. Especially, I love that her characters are all lovable, especially in their imperfections and desires. When I was first drafting the proposal for The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover, I asked if the outline should be like an Emma Holly novel, and since the answer was yes, I immediately went forth and re-read a pile of her Black Lace novels, some of which have since been reprinted in trade format.

Anyway, Fairyville. It's a contemporary setting, a town in Arizona that's known for odd phenomena, many of which are related to its being near a door into Fairy. The female protagonist, Zoe, is a medium, who is constantly besieged by ghosts who want her to pass on messages to their loved ones. She also has a flock of tiny fairies who consider her "their" human. She's been nursing a two-year crush on her office landlord, Magnus Monroe, who only has sex once a month, and with a different woman each month. This is stranger than ever when Magnus reveals his powerful interest in her.

Zoe's high school boyfriend, Alex, moved away from Fairyville and became a private detective, partnering with his college roommate, who has a crush on him while at the same time knowing that Alex has more women than he can count.

You don't have to wait long for events to be set in motion.

I love that Emma Holly doesn't shy away from showing male/male sex when there's a plot opportunity to be had. Alex, it turns out, needs a lot of sex, and does both women and men, and wants to do Bryan, who is more than happy to cooperate. Their emotional connection makes all their scenes quite yummy, to use a technical term. Zoe doesn't fare so well with Magnus, who keeps backing away at the last minute; they go so far as anal sex, but then he backs away again. There is of course a plot reason for his reluctance to engage in penis-vagina intercourse; he's a fairy, and the terms of his magical visa require that after such sex, he has to return the heart he won. He could love Zoe, but then have to give her up or lose his privilege of staying on Earth; and he can't return home for political reasons that would affect all of Fairy.

Meanwhile, when Alex and Bryan have to journey to Fairyville on a case, both Alex and Zoe find their relationship needs resolution. And Bryan thinks Zoe is pretty hot. And Alex's dearest fantasy is a threesome with his two lovers. And Magnus secretly makes a fairy bargain with Bryan to allow him to experience sex with Zoe...it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Will it all work out? Read it and see! I can tell you that I closed the book with a happy smile on my face. A fun, light read.
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