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I mentioned Colleen Gleason's The Rest Falls Away briefly when I first started reading it; I've now finished and moved on to the second book in the series. It's about vampire slayers in the Regency--the back cover of volume one even uses the phrase "in every generation"! Somebody has a sense of humor. The Venators (vampire killers) pass through trials and are given a vis bulla, a silver device that magically gives them protection, strength, and healing abilities to help them in their battles.

I am really liking these. There're romantic elements, but I wouldn't call them romance; like so many other paranormals I've been reading, there's no "happily ever after," and romantic relationships carry over several books. It's more Regency Noir than anything, if these plus Madeleine Robins' Sarah Tolerance books together can make their own genre. (I suspect there are some mystery series out there that might fit with these, as well. Ideas?)

The heroine, Victoria Gardella, is strong and snarky without being too modern for the period; her role as Venator wars constantly with her desire for a normal life, even when she's realized she does not want to and cannot give up her Venator role. She's a Venator by inheritance; another Venator, Max, is one through training and dedication, and he offers a constant foil and commentary on the role.

In The Rest Falls Away, Victoria falls in love with Rockley, and marries him; she knows this is dangerous, and is warned of the difficulties, but eventually can't resist. Inevitably, she cannot protect him from everything, and Rockley is eventually turned to a vampire in an attempt to control Victoria, and she must stake him. Which, however, leaves her a widow and with a much freer role in society for the remainder of the series. There are a couple of possible future love interests set up.

I want other people to read these and comment on them.
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