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I continue on my quest to find good paranormal romance. So far, the best of the genre, IMHO, are the ones that don't follow a strict Romance one couple-happily-ever-after pattern, possibly because series give the writers more opportunity to worldbuild and continue character relationships over a period of time. This one is of that type.

Keri Arthur's Full Moon Rising is set in Melbourne, in a world where vampires and shapeshifters are known to regular humans. Being paranormal does not automatically make one good or bad in this world, which I like. Riley Jensen, the heroine, is half-werewolf and half-vampire, but the half-vampire part is a secret from almost everybody, as it seems to give her advantages but not many disadvantages. She works for the agency that protects the world against paranormals gone bad; her twin brother is a Guardian, but she is not. Yet.

Werewolves in this world are only forced to change form at the full moon, but in the week before that, they essentially go into heat and have a lot of sex. When the book opens, Riley has two steady partners. Her brother, who is gay, also has two main ones and many subsidiaries; one of the two main ones is much closer to him than the other, and plays a larger part in the plot. Riley's partners at first seem to be part of the background, but in fact they're very important to the plot.

Incidentally, the book takes place during Moon Week, so Riley keeps having to juggle her urges toward sex with the exigencies of the suspense plot.

So, the plot: Riley saves some humans from vampires and fails to save some others. When she gets home, there's a naked vampire outside her door, and he can't quite remember why. He's the main love interest, given that both of Riley's lovers are betraying her in ways that have nothing to do with sex. Alas, the hot vampire runs out on her at the end. I am expecting he will be back. I liked the way she got annoyed with his Immortal Angst.

It turns out there's a complex plot to crossbreed various paranormal species in the lab and make clones and such, but this isn't working very well. This plot isn't entirely resolved, either.

I've already bought the next couple in the series.
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