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Well. 2.4 was a bit thin. Apparently, it takes a whole episode to set up "cold hard men can get emotional about things that aren't relationships." Nice to see more of Rhys, and to finally resolve that issue.

Gwen has a spine, at least. Hurrah for her, for refusing to give Rhys the amnesia pill. Was her decision also affected by the knowledge that she's given him one before, and knowing what overdoses do?

Tosh again being shown wanting love and not getting it, not to mention everybody seems to have already forgotten about Tommy, and how she might be a bit sad about that. Sigh. Do something else, already. It's nice, at least, that the brainy computer one at least has emotions; but "unfulfilled" is almost as much of a cliche.

Owen's softer emotions, again, show only when he's dealing with patients. He's really cold with Tosh's attempts to get involved with him. I sense fear.

Jack feels like a caricature this season.

Ianto continues to have the best lines. Also very mean with a taser! Now that he's getting regular sex, he so totally doesn't want to die.

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