oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen


I understand it's not de rigeur to send one's editor a synopsis that includes the phrase, "and then they did something for no apparent reason." Especially not more than once.


I have, however, accomplished things.

1. Took many bits of clutter. Placed clutter into box. Hid box.

2. Mailed my last easy federal tax return, as I hope to have received book money sometime this year.

3. Mailed a bill that I never set up to pay online.

4. Cleaned part of the bathroom, in preparation for hosting workshop this weekend.

5. Hung drycleaning on hangers on my (growing old and shaky) hatstand, instead of leaving them thrown across the back of the couch.

I still have to clean the rest of the bathroom. I hope to do a little more cleaning of the rest of my space, but that might not happen. And I have to buy a few groceries.
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