No dentist for a while?

I went to the dentist again yesterday, because the temporary crown on my molar had cracked for the third time. It's fixed for now!

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Sleep Sounds

Do you have sound in your dreams?

Mine are sometimes really noisy. I know this because if awakened unexpectedly from a dream, I'm startled by how quiet it is in my room. Then I wonder if there was a real noise that woke me, and sometimes there is, but it's a different noise than the ones I was dreaming.

Spring Things To Do

I have many Things to Do, both at dayjob and at home. At least that will make the next couple of days move quickly! And then next week, I took vacation for a few days before I leave for WisCon. I have to pack, and assemble my panel notes, in particular organizing my thoughts for the Dr. Who panel.

I hope to do some cleaning of my vile, vile accumulations of dust that are a result of a) living in a 19th century house, b) in a city, and c) not cleaning my floors for months and months. Since dust mites are one of my allergies, I usually have to dose up on antihistamines at some point in this process. Fun. But the handvac doesn't work nearly as well as actually mopping.

I also have change-of-season laundry I'd like to get done: winter coats, blankets, items it is suddenly too warm to wear, all that. I might wait a little longer before I take my trench coat to the dry cleaner; I'd like to resew some of the buttons, and attempt to get an ink mark out, and maybe clean the cuffs ahead of time, since the dry cleaning seems ineffective at removing stains (maybe I have a crappy dry cleaner).

This all sounds so boring, but it's enormously satisfying to me when I get these things done. It's a way of establishing control over my environment, I think, which makes me feel more upbeat and successful in general. Sometimes even a small thing, like changing my sheets, can do that. But the floors...they really, really need it regardless of my personal feelings in the matter.


Bach! And Cons!

The Bach went beautifully, but it was very tiring - I think our attention span was definitely flagging in the last hour after standing through a lot of solo material, because our conductor had to prod people to watch. But we perked up again for the end, and people clapped, and came to the reception and ate the food we'd brought, and said they'd enjoyed it, so yay!

We'd actually had audience for the dress rehearsal on Friday night. A local arts website was doing a test event for something called "rehearsal club," and asked us if we'd be their guinea pig. They'd expected maybe 20 people, but 40 signed up (I don't think all of them showed, but most did). All but maybe a half-dozen left at the halfway break, but a few diehards remained, some of them regular attendees at our concerts. The idea, if the club continues, is that after seeing "behind the scenes," people would also attend the performance to see how it worked out in the end (i.e., buying a ticket!), but at minimum it would be good publicity for the organizations involved.

Readercon panelist questionnaires have gone out, so I'll be working on that. Goal #1 is always to avoid over-committing myself by not checking the "leader/moderator" boxes too often. Yeah. Laugh it up, fuzzball.

Also, I had a sale! "8:00 P.M.: Appointment TeeVee" has been picked up for the next Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Yay reprint! This is the story that has fanfictional geekery mixed in with the sex.

Hey, trees - GET A ROOM.

If possible, the pollen actually seems worse right now than it did last week. I took a Benadryl on top of my Zyrtec last night, but was still congested when I woke up. I resorted to saline spray, which alleviated the misery only slightly.

It might be my fault; I dared to sit outside for half an hour yesterday, at lunch, then played outside with the Tots for another half hour or so.

I sort of wipe the horribleness from my memory each year, but...this year seems more pollen-y than last. Blech.


3 Things Make a Post

1. I am making notes on the Xenogenesis trilogy. I plan to put them into semi-coherent form and post them here and on my blog, for input, prior to my leaving for WisCon. I'm terrible at taking notes on a panel while I am on said panel, even if I'm not moderating, but hopefully someone else will take notes. I will write down what I can.

2. I am still searching for which of my shirts is the perfect one to wear with my glittery pink sweater, which I bought on clearance a few months ago. It's a dark pink with gold metallic threads; also there is a small wool content, so that and the metallic thread means I can only wear it with long sleeves beneath. My pink shirts, or my pink flowered shirt, are a bit much with it. White and neutrals are fine but not adventurous. Today's attempt is a small-scale flower print shirt from the Gap. The shirt doesn't flatter me that much in fit, but the print and colors (light blue, purply blue. leavender, yellow, brown) go awesomely with a number of my sweaters, so I wear it beneath things. So far, I like the combination, though it's making me have good thoughts for the white/pink combination as well.

3. Whey protein update: I haven't tried any of the awesome recipes ya'll gave me yet, but dumping it atop cereal in milk has been quite adequate. I also mixed some with first soy butter and then peanut butter, and that worked out well though it wasn't tidy.


PIFA this weekend!

I am looking forward to the PIFA streetfair on Saturday. I love wandering around and looking at things. Am pondering whether, in my copious free time, I should attempt to wear some sort of outfit that is relevant to the time travel theme. I can usually only manage such a thing if I cross-dress, given my short haircut - my newsboy cap or my snapbrim cap both cover a good chunk of the 20th century!

It depends on the weather, I guess; it might be too warm to try and look Out of Time. Maybe I will just wear wacky makeup.


1. I have embarked upon Spring Cleaning, really just a continuation of Throw More Stuff Out. Eventually, I will have to thoroughly clean my bedroom floor, as in, clean it with a wet mop instead of the halfway-decent occasional use of a hand-vac and a swiffer to get the worst of the dust brontosaureses. I worked on Throwing Stuff Out both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and a little bit on Saturday evening. Two garbage bags (not terribly full physically, but so full mentally!) went out, and I added many things to recycling as well, and then deposited some perfectly good notepads and folders with the Tots, who are insatiable when it comes to drawing/writing paper. Here's hoping the stationery I made with my address from 15 years ago has a happy second life covered in drawings of Darth Vader and characters from Norse myth.

2. The PIFA festival streetfair is this Saturday - any locals planning on going? Here's a bit more detail. I had a lot of fun in 2011, though my feet hurt spectacularly after being on them all day.

3. I made a new to-do list, separate from all the cleaning, which involves things like updating passwords and dealing with my 401K. Why oh why do I have so very many passwords? And things for which I created an account, which I have only used once and should probably delete? At least my main email accounts are spruced up now.


Eye Exam! Which Results in Whining

Now that I have olditude, I go and have an eye exam every two years to check for glaucoma and other stuff, and to chronicle my progress towards stylish eyewear. Yesterday was my third appointment ever. I have learned to truly dislike the dilation process - I imagine everyone dislikes it, but my dislike is new and thus fiery.

Part of the dislike is how f***ing long it takes my eyes to go back to normal. I timed it this time. The drops went in at 2:15 pm. I went home in the bright sunlight (ouch! even with their eye protection and sunglasses on top) and dozed for a couple of hours with a pillow on my head, to ease the tension headache left from all that squinting. After 4 hours, I could read a little if I made the print very large on my e-reader, and didn't do it too long, but sunlight was still Right Out. I just wandered around the apartment with no lights on. By 8:00 pm, I could finally see enough iris to tell the color. At 9:00 pm, I think the dilation was down about a third, or maybe a bit more, and I gave up and just went to sleep.

Next time, I'm going to find out what their latest possible appointment is, and hopefully try to go in winter, so it will be dark earlier.

The light! It burns!


I want sleep!

I have been sleeping, even going to bed early, but all week I've been waking up in the middle of the night for one reason or another, and then having trouble getting back to sleep. Also, waking up early some days, and one day waking in the middle of a dream. Grrrr.

I suspect tonight, since I want to get up early and write tomorrow? I'll probably sleep deeply, heavily, and late. I guess that wouldn't be too bad.



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